Welcome to Module 1 | Background & History

The aim of this course is to give you a better understanding of the importance plants can play in your life. After all, the knowledge on the medicinal actions of herbs is thousands of years old, with records dating back to as far as 5000 years ago.

While this course offers information on many medicinal conditions and the herbal treatment of these conditions, it is essential that any person with a medical complaint, seek professional, medical advice as regards to the diagnosis of the treatment. In general, herbal medicine is much slower in its effects than Western drugs, but this is offset by the safety of herbal medicines.

Module 1 is intended to guide you to an understanding of the history of herbal teas, from it’s ancient origins up to modern therapeutic uses. Along the way, we hope you’ll learn some interesting things about teas that might help you better understand your product and how it is beneficial to your potential customers.

At the end of this module you will:

  • Know what Herbal Tea is
  • Understand the background and history of Herbal Tea
  • Know where Herbal Tea originated
  • Understand the difference between Tea and Herbal Tea
  • Know how to make the perfect cup of Herbal Tea
  • And know some fun facts about all teas

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