Welcome to Module 2 | Sales & Marketing

It is the curiosity of the sales person that will generate the required creativity to make a top sales person. You want to spend time getting to know a potential client, understanding their issues and their needs. You want to know what makes the prospect tick and their values and drivers. You need to understand their aims. You want to get to know your potential clients and what they really want. With this level of curiosity, an effective sales person can show a customer just how different their life could be, when they use the solution you are offering. You can paint a clear and compelling picture of how things can be different, even if it means challenging conventional thinking.

Effective sales training is now about the art of sales.

In Module 2 we offer extensive training on the art of sales, techniques and tips that we hope will give you the confidence to head out to your first market, school fair and make that first sale. Alongside the training we have put together ideas that will help you with marketing your product through social media, emails as well as ideas of where you can sell.

At the end of this module you will:

  • Have an understanding of ‘The art of sales’
  • Be informed of sales tips and techniques that will benefit you
  • Realise the potential sales channels that you can explore
  • Be able to create a list of potential markets in your region
  • Know how social media can assist your business
  • Learn what customers say about Herbal Tea Australia products

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