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If selling your herbal goods intimidates you, or you simply do not know where to start, there are a number of places you can look into to sell herbal products. Thankfully, the technology and connectivity of today’s marketplace make selling herbal goods rather accessible and something you can truly succeed in if you’re able to invest the time and energy.

Any kind of business comes with rules and legalities that must be followed. When you begin to sell herbal products, it is no longer a hobby; you are now in business. Rules and regulations vary from state to state and country to country, so be sure to do your research relative to where you live.

Farmers Markets

Farmers markets may be the friendliest and most comfortable place for the herbal entrepreneur to sell herbal products. To find a farmers market near you, simply do an online search or ask your local chamber of commerce or another party that would know what’s going on in town. If you live in a larger city, you may find there are farmers markets numbering in the double digits each week, as it is common for larger neighborhoods within a city host their own markets.

As you determine if a farmers market is a good fit, it is wise to consider the type of customer that is attracted to a farmers market as well as how tourist season might impact your sales. This can help you decide either which markets to apply to and what products to sell. Often, the farmers market manager(s) are cognisant not to flood the market with too much of the same vendor, but be sure to do your own research here.

Craft Fairs

These are very similar to farmers markets in terms of what to bring, setup, interacting with customers, insurance and legal requirements, and so on. The difference is that craft fairs and festivals are usually one and done events that happen seasonally, often on the weekend. These types of events bring in higher volumes of people than an average farmers market, which means there is an opportunity to reach many more potential customers and make more money in a day at a craft fair.

NOTE: The HTA product is welcomed at both Famers Markets and Craft Fairs so generally your application will be easily accepted.


Music festivals, Wine festivals or any kids of festivals. Some are single-day and some are multi-day festivals. Lots of potential customers in one place.


Retail stores can be an intimidating but incredibly rewarding outlet to sell herbal products in.


Sell through your social media base, communities, set up your own online selling machine.


Weekend markets, monthly markets near you, night markets


Fairs, bulletin boards, start a school market


Fairs, bulletin boards, start a church market


Cafes, Spas, resorts, Herbalists, Medical outlets, corporate gift packs, various functions


Host ‘Herbal Tea Parties’, invite community members, mums and friends round.


Build and keep a database of everyone you contact for your business so that you can send out any marketing material you feel would benefit them which may become a sale for you.

Samples and Tasters

Offering samples and tastings is always a great way to gain someone’s interest in your product and as at most tastings the client tends to buy the one they have tasted or look to see what else on offer. Everyone loves a freeby.

 Friends and family

Organic herbal teas are great for health. Have your friends and family spread the word that they love and use the products you are selling. Word of mouth is the best advertising you can get.


As you can see, there are plenty of places for you to sell herbal products. Hopefully, this breakdown has helped demystify the process of turning a passion or hobby into a viable business. One of the biggest things to keep in mind as you grow your business is to be patient and keep at it. Choose one of the aforementioned outlets to focus on first — whichever fits your situation best — and put your energy and time into working out the kinks there. Then, you can decide if you should try to sell herbal products in other places.

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